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Hi, I'm Scottish Andrew. Welcome to my profile!

Scottish Andrew's Bio:

Scottish Andrew - Andrew Hennessey of Edinburgh is a professional Scottish musician, contemporary electric fiddle player and ceilidh dance caller, tour operator, writer and composer currently living in Fife

other interests: digital artist and designer, session musician in most contemporary genres, therapeutic recreation in Care environments, folklore, natural and supernatural photography and ufology tour operator and guide , with an amateur interest in the philosophy of science and holism and software design

Specialties: music and dance performance for a successful event, and paranormal tour operator for Scotland's number 1 UFO tour

 Andrew has been playing with bands from various genres since 1979 - his first tour was Vienna and the United Nations Music Club with the folk band Peat Water Still, his most recent work was playing Country fiddle on a recording by Blues band 'Roadhouse Blues' on a song collection called 'Mr Crow', 2014

Andrew has featured on radio and TV and in magazines and publications as a Paranormal and Ufo expert




Scottish Andrew's Experience:

  • Storyteller and Tour Guide at Scottish Andrew

    Books; 'The Universal Seduction Trilogy', RoseGarden Press [2000] Journal of Abduction Research issue 9, 'Exopolitics needs to change' Paranormal Magazine columnist, 2011, Harvesting the Disconnected, ebook 2011, Alien Encounters and the Paranormal, 2014 Jeff Rense - American Coast to Coast radio - 1998 - Beyond Boundaries Scottish Report, Eddie Middleton, Nightsearch and the Scottish X-files, 2000 BBC Radio 4, The Discovery Channel - Have Aliens Invaded Scotland The History Channel - 'alien princess' - artwork. 2008 Whos Who in Ufology by Lafayette 2012 Dissident Scientists List by Jean De Climont Trust Day Tours World - Day Tour Operator with the Stargate Edinburgh Tour, A registered Guide with TourHQ

  • Assistant Tour Guide at Beyond Boundaries

    Beyond Boundaries Expeditions from Rainbow, Texas


    Music Agency business for Bands; Chieftain Live Music Agency/North Star Music Agency to provide Bands and Acts for Private and Corporate Functions, Tours and Festivals etc

  • Employment Consultant at Employment Service

    Employment Consultant, Adviser on Services devised new public services, liased with employers and clients and conducted transferable skills assessment, constructed stores database

  • Lab Assistant at Scottish Agricultural College

    support worker/Clerical sample logging, clerical backup.

  • Lab Assistant at Tropical Reforrestation of Nigeria Project

    Potting and cultivation of Nigerian hardwood species, rebuilt core of tropical greenhouse

  • Lab Assistant at British Geological Survey

    Petrological Database : Lab/Clerical database construction, map work, drilling log, specific gravity, compiled guidance notes.

  • Lab Assistant at National Museum of Scotland

    Archaeological Iron conservation work, sandblasting of archaeological samples

  • Lab Assistant at Central Microbiology Lab

    Microbiological lab work, aeseptic plating of samples on Agar, preparation of agar, pipettes, titration, centrifuge

  • Lab Assistant at Dept of Agriculture and Fisheries

    National Herbage Trials - empirical measurements of new grass species, maintenance of plots

  • Concert Musician at Scottish Andrew Music

    Concert performances of new songs/compositions and melodies on Starfish 6 and 4 String fiddle, Chieftain whistle and Bodhran. From 2014 - More news to follow. Currently researching multi-media stage presentations

  • digital artist at Scottish by

    innovative tartan concepts for the 21st century - creating Scottish culture

  • Band Leader at Wild Geese Ceilidh Band

    3 piece ceilidh band including andrew: electric fiddle and calling, steve on guitar, marc on drums and jim on bass and keyboards for 4th member when required. Offering Ceilidh Disco package/DJ with extra bass subwoofer and lighting iPOD friendly speakers, PAT-tested kit [electrical MoT] and a Musicians Union contract and Public Liability Insurance - extras include latin and celtic guitar and World/American music. An experienced outfit that has played at various venues and events from public ceilidhs in the Queens hall, Edinburgh to Weddings and Graduation Balls - to small Scottish festivals in the Highlands

  • Multimedia Artist; Musician at Outshore Multimedia

    graphic arts, sound engineering and recording, website design, copy writing. marketing, sales, research and development, software engineering and design, music composition, music performance, talks, tourism

Scottish Andrew's Education:


    HND Biol
    Concentration: Biology and Ecology

Scottish Andrew's Interests & Activities:

scottish music, folk music, folklore, digital art, digital design, colourist, composer, photography, paranormal, Celtic, history, medieval music, mythology, theatre, poetry, author, tour guide, tour operator, stargate edinburgh, edinburgh, UFO, faeries, aliens, atlantis, templars, music, violin, software design, holism, AI Consultant, philosophy of science, general systems theory, essentialism, logical atomism, knowledge representation, artificial intelligence, relativity, concerts, tin whistle, bodhran, looper, blues, jazz, rock,, country, film making,

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